Starring Shabana Amzi

Directed by Alyque Padamsee

Written by Girish Karnad

Broken Images is about two sisters, one an intellectually brilliant paraplegic, the other a plodding writer, live under the same roof, dependent on each other but inhabiting different emotional and linguistic worlds. The arrangement is fraught not only because the sisters are involved with the same man, but because they continually modify the image they have of each other and the world around.

The twenty first century is an era of electronic images. From every corner of our lives, images fling themselves at us, arguing, accusing, wheedling, until the every essence of our private lives seem threatened. But suppose the deadliest of these images were of one’s own shattered self?

Shabana Azmi plays both the sisters on stage and their many images, as they morph into one another, in one of the most challenging roles of her career.

“At Baithak UK I like curating arts experiences which are residual, which you take back home with you, which make you think. Broken Images transfixed a 1000 strong audience and Shabana Azmi’s nuanced performance offered a thoroughly immersive experience”. 
— Sangeeta Datta, Founder of Baithak Uk